Друзья! Уверена, многие из вас умеют читать на английском языке, тем более если текст читается легко и весело, а тема книги – любовь. Книга “IQ to Love” написана прежде всего для умных парней – студентов и молодых специалистов, которые после нескольких жестоких разочарований начинают думать, что красивым и умным девушкам нужны только мужчины – мачо. В книге доказывается, что быть занудой и умницей – вовсе не так уж плохо, и женщины часто ищут именно таких мужчин. По своему опыту знаю, что дочь абсолютно права, и мой умница – профессор – муж единственный возможный счастливый мой вариант. В общем, читайте, наслаждайтесь и пишите отзывы!


Отзывы с Amazon

Yanting Chen
I find this book entertaining and informative as well. The author explains in an interesting manner why a smart but a bit nerdy guy should be more confident in establishing a romantic relationship. Yet the book is quite informative in the sense that the author also provides pragmatic advices in relationships from a female’s perspective. Hence I recommend this book to you.
alexander akopov
Very good, entertaining and useful book, full of 100% proven truths! At 56, and a geek in my youth, I think, I can judge. One important advice I can add to those you can find in the book is the one I heard from my elders – make sure the age difference between you and your wife is 10-12 years or even more. Maybe it does not sound “politically correct” now, but in many societies (Europe included) it was and still is normal. Women “grow up” earlier, the are more serious about relationships, they think about relationships more, and analyze them more deeply. So, if you want to marry – think again and grow up. “The love of your life is probably running around in the yard of the the nearest kindergarten” – my uncle told me when I was 20. He was wrong. She was not even born at the moment. And before you are 35 (which means the same emotional age as that of a typical 20-year old girl), try to follow advise from Nelly Litvak’s book. And yes, I know a number of couples, who fell in love when they were 20, and are still happy in their relationships, because they “grew” together. Not everybody is so lucky. Good luck!